Toothpaste Dabur Miswak 170g

Toothpaste Dabur Miswak 170g

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Herbal Toothpaste Dabur Miswak with Al Arak extract (miswak extract) and herbs (without fluoride)

With toothbrush (please note, that the colour of the toothbrush will be sent randomly)

The toothpaste contains natural Miswak powder. This powder combats bacterial plaque when used regularly, removes and reduces neoplasm of dental plaque and prevents gum infections. Regular brushing with Siwak results in healthier teeth and gums and fresher breath.

Siwak (Miswak) denotes a branch, a bud or a root piece of the "toothbrush tree" (Salvadora persica).

The Siwak has a relatively high fluoride content of 8 to 22 ppm. It naturally contains tooth-protecting and cleaning substances.


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  • United Arab Emirates
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