Magnet Set Crystal White Gold

Magnet Set Crystal White Gold

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Double-sided hijab magnet set

Beautiful, unique and versatile!

No more ugly pinholes, snags or pulls 

Our magnetic pin less brooches can be used on the finest material, leather, scarves, handbags, even shoes without making a hole.

The magnet is strong enough to hold the brooch on your thick winter coat! 

Your scarf or shawl is kept perfectly in shape, no matter how fine or thick the material is. 

You can fasten your cardigan with a large brooch. 

Use the brooch on your blouse, dress or tunic instead of a button. 

Our magnetic brooches can be worn here, there and everywhere!


  • big magnet ca. 2 cm
  • small magnet ca. 1,5 cm


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