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100% Pure, 100% vegan, 100 % Cruelty free, 100 % Halal

We founded Anaaka Halal Cosmetics nearly three years ago, after intense investment into research and development, in order to bring the best Halal Skincare products this world has ever seen.
Anaaka is not just another Halal skincare company in a field of similar competitors. We are a startup that is dedicated to using ingenuity, modern technological advances, and years of experience to finally bring the Halal skincare. We create the highest quality beauty and healthcare products, without compromising.

We use ingenuity, modern technological advances, and years of experience of experts to finally bring the Halal skincare lifestyle.


Our innovative formulas are the result of years of uncompromising research, development, and testing. Every detail was accounted for, from the gathering of the base ingredients, to their pharmacological assembly, and to the countless user experience testing that was done before the final products were approved. We made sure that all of the products are beneficial for all ages and skin types.

Each formula was fine-tuned for maximal customer satisfaction

As our pedigree as a startup company demands, we subjected our beauty products to a barrage of testing, just as any technology company does before the release of a new product, we have fine tuned each formula to maximize customer satisfaction.

After this, we blind tested our formulas against other premium products of major cosmetic companies, to make sure that we are not bringing our customer any product inferior to any non-Halal, cosmetic companies. As a result of all this hard work, Annaka cosmetics is proud to present its first line of Halal beauty and skincare products.

Let’s give back to the community together

At Anaaka, we see the connection to the international community as one of our core values as a company. In this spirit, we are proud to say that we have founded an investment firm with the purpose of giving back to the world through charitable works and donations, aiming to help and better the communities from within.




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ANAAKA Foaming Cleanser

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ANAAKA Firming Serum

Product no.: ana1002
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ANAAKA Priming Anti-Aging Day Cream

Product no.: ana1003
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ANAAKA Overnight Revitalizer

Product no.: ana1004
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ANAAKA Supreme Day Routine-Bundle

Product no.: ana1006
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ANAAKA Complete 24/7 Routine-Bundle

Product no.: ana1005
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