Zowine Green Ghassoul / Lava Earth/ Clay (ground)

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Ghassoul / lava earth / clay (ground) 

  • For 1-2 applications

Ghassoul earth is a special clay that is used for body cleansing, hence the name lava earth or washing earth.

Lava earth comes from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and has been used there as a cleaning agent for several hundred years.

It is primarily used as a shampoo, but also as a mask. It cleanses the skin pore-deep.

Ghassoul is free from surfactants, colors, fragrances and preservatives. Ghassoul (lava earth) is equally suitable for gently cleaning skin and hair. Even sensitive skin can be gently cleaned and cared for with this. When mixed with water, herbal teas or hydrosols, lava earth provides intensive cleaning and a gentle peeling effect.


  • Mix 1 teaspoon of green ghassoul with water or rose water to a smooth paste
  • Apply, leave on for about 10 minutes until the mask is dry and rinse off

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