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40% laurel oil content:

An Aleppo soap with a high proportion of 40% bay oil is suitable for very oily and reactive skin. This soap has a full, strong laurel odor and will persist for a long time after washing. Suitable for daily use (hair, hands, body & sauna). Cleans the really dirty skin and cares for it very well. Laurel oil nourishes the skin, so we recommend using the 40% soap for damaged, inflamed skin.

Aleppo soap is the oldest natural soap in the world and a purely natural product made from fine olive oil, bay oil, water and lye. This traditional formula does not contain paint, parabens, or perfume.

Compared to today's soaps, Aleppo soap supports the balance of your skin and is therefore suitable for all skin types.

The ingredients are mixed in winter during harvest time and allowed to dry for up to nine months. During the drying process, the soap changes from green to its distinct beige color, while retaining its natural antibiotic properties.

Laurel oil is an effective cleaning agent that, together with olive oil, helps to cleanse and care for your skin.

Ingredients: Sodium Olivate, Sodium Laurelate, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide.

Contents: approx. 200 g (the weights of the soaps may differ a little, as the soaps are cut by hand)

5% laurel oil INCI: Sodium Olivate 61789-88-6 "94%", Sodium Laurate 629-25-4 "5%", Aqua 7732-18-5 "<1%", Sodium Hydroxide 1310-73-2 "< 0.5% "

General information:

Showers and hair care

The direct contact of the Aleppo soap with the skin allows the skin to enjoy the full effect of the oils. Since the Aleppo soap is solid, you can let your body enjoy a massage. Aleppo soap is also used to wash your hair. However, you will need to use them several times before the hair gets used to it. We recommend Aleppo soap with a small amount of bay oil for cleaning hair.

Natural detergent | Soap flakes

Natural detergent effective at 30 ° C-95 ° C, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, degradable and phosphate-free to protect our earth. The soap does not contain fragrances, dyes, bleach, glycerin, preservatives, solvents, palm oil & animal fats. The soap cleans all fabrics and matches all colors. Use: throw 20 grams of soap flakes in the sink / washing machine, then the flakes will dissolve. Recommendation: for heavily soiled clothes, use 30 grams of soap flakes with a 20% laurel oil content.

Good ingredients from nature

It is 100% vegetable and consists only of olive oil and laurel oil. H2O and NAOH are still required for production. The soap has no dyes, fragrances, foam stabilizers and glycerin. Olive oil nourishes and nourishes the body and supports the skin's breathing. Olive oil is also rich in antioxidants that help delay the symptoms of aging. The laurel oil cleanses the skin and has a refreshing effect.

The soap smells like fresh rain on dry earth. A totally beautiful, pleasant, natural, oriental soap smell.

PH value

Our soap has a pH of 8 and the pH of the amniotic fluid in which we grow up is 8-8.5. So the soap is perfect for our skin.

Nature friendly soap

Aleppo soap consists only of olive oil and bay oil, therefore it is 100% natural and organic. The soap is especially good for all people who want to spend a long time in nature, and who take care of their bodies in nature. The soap is also vegan and was made traditionally by hand without animal testing. It does not contain animal fats.

Facial cleansing and foot bath

Aleppo soap is ideal for cleansing the face, as the face tolerates the necessary oils with Aleppo soap very well. Aleppo soap soaks the callus and optimally prepares the feet for foot care. It disinfects and makes your feet feel fresh.

Full bath, respiratory inhibition

Aleppo soap was first made in Aleppo for the purpose of "bathing". The soap is mild, fresh and natural. Mixing the soap with warm water will dissolve the oils and relax the bronchi and body. A full bath with Aleppo soap should make breathing much easier for a few hours, as you inhale the essential oils of the laurel oil in conjunction with the warm water and this dilates the bronchi.

Brushing your teeth and shaving

Due to the fact that Aleppo soap is natural, it can also be used as toothpaste as it does not contain fluoride or abrasives. Rubbing Aleppo soap on damp skin will give you plenty of lather that is enough to shave. Since the olive oil in the soap provides the skin with moisture, there is no need for cream after shaving.

Against mosquito bites, moths .. etc

People in Aleppo put the soap between clothes, which repels all moths and keeps clothes fresh. Try rubbing a mosquito bite with Aleppo soap and discover the great soothing properties of bay oil. It also deeply cleanses, is antiseptic and ideal for blemishes and pimples.

Why it's worth it:

One bar of Aleppo soap 160-200 g is enough to wash your hands up to 300 times, much more than any other soaps and lotions. Hence, Aleppo soap is said to be inexpensive. Since the oils in the soap are very moisturizing, you don't need a body lotion after you shower.

Sharabati soap comes from the Syrian city of Aleppo:

Aleppo is a city in northern Syria. It also occupies a strategically important point between the Euphrates and the Mediterranean.

One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The city has stood in its place for more than 8,000 years. Aleppo witnessed the rise and fall of many empires and the expansion of culture. It is the world and bridge between East and West at the beginning of the European renaissance.

The soap has been manufactured in the Aleppo region using a high-quality, natural process for over 3000 years. The soaps owe their long success story to their excellent, skin-friendly properties and natural ingredients.

The Sharabati company "Family soap manufacturer Zanabili" is one of the oldest Aleppo soap manufacturers in Aleppo. The factory has been part of the Unesco cultural heritage since 1986.

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